Welcome to Blue Bateau, a global talent consultancy that operates exclusively for the advertising and marketing industry.

Partnering with progressive creative companies around the world, Blue Bateau has established, and continually builds on, a network of high-achievers to deliver business performance for its clients.

We are a team of leading expert practitioners in our field that deliver:

  • Insights to remain at the forefront of business
  • Coaching to talent
  • Executive search and recruitment to clients
  • Consulting services and bespoke task force teams for projects


We don’t just rely on our global reach and deep relationships with talent to help our clients stay ahead of the curve.

We are continually investigating the market to keep on top of industry trends and inform talent strategy. 

If you have a specific question you want answered, or you want to completely overhaul your talent offer, Blue Bateau is primed with insights experts to help you make your next move.

Get in touch with us to learn about our latest talent insights and observations, or to enquire about specific in market research we can conduct for you.

We believe that any person can achieve their goals by adopting a simple and fundamental shift in mindset, attitude and behaviour.

We are passionate about people unlocking their true potential to live the life they were destined to live.

We work with you to activate your inspired, meaningful and enduring career strategy, within an Industry in a constant state of flux.

What We Offer

Career Strategy

Discover what you want and form your unique positioning and career strategy to get you there through our 5-week training program.

Career Tools

Optimise your career with the latest tools and promotional techniques to stand out in a crowded market.


Drive your career with one-on-one private coaching, click here to book your 30-minute consultation with Deanne Constantine.

Blue Bateau Methodology


Awareness is your greatest tool for change.


Create a successful mindset and utmost clarity on your goals.


Where passion and purpose collide, build a brand that is true to you.


Future proof your career with today’s Leadership measures.


Enhance your personal performance and promote yourself.


Who We Are.

Blue Bateau is not an ordinary recruitment firm.

We are an ideas company fuelled by innovation and creativity, performing exclusively for the Advertising and Marketing Industry.

Based in Sydney, we operate globally to build our network of game changers and thought provokers.

The clients we represent and the talent we approach are tomorrow’s leaders, who are shaping a dynamic communications industry.

Blue Bateau is not in the business of recruitment, we are in the business of performance.

What We Do.

Performance in recruiting means:

  • We shift from task to strategy
  • We fuel our recruitment methodology with the latest cultural trends, insights and relevant data
  • We are active members of the global business world and impart our knowledge
  • We are extensions of our clients’ brand, we are their loyal and trusted ambassadors in market 
  • We guarantee results with an efficient and organised process  
  • We perform beyond the traditional recruitment model

Where We Operate.

New York


Leveraging our highly awarded and international network, we are able to curate bespoke task force teams to help our clients perform in the following areas:

Resourcing Models

Working with Businesses to ensure they have the optimal organisational structures and resourcing

Recruitment & Retention Strategies

Setting internal strategies for our clients to handle recruitment, onboarding and talent performance

Creative Services

Providing bespoke strategic & creative teams to help our clients solve specific problems 


Deanne Constantine is the founder of Blue Bateau, a global talent consultancy operating exclusively for the advertising and marketing industry.

With 20 years experience in advertising under her belt, Deanne has led some of the world’s most creative and high profiled brands like Budweiser, Google, Jeep, Qantas and Lion Nathan Breweries, spearheading projects that have won several major advertising awards – including Cannes Lions, D&AD, and the Australasian AWARDs, to name just a few.

Deanne is also the co-creator of Smile Makers, a global vibrator brand created for women who shun sex shops. The brand has picked up numerous international accolades, including a nomination for Fast Company’s Innovation by Design in 2013.

Working both in Australia and New York at top-tier creative agencies, Deanne holds a high performing global network of clients and talent who partner with Blue Bateau to build tomorrow’s industry.

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